We have helped hundreds of people all across New York City get to their goals.  Here are a few:



After months of going to the gym in my building, spending an hour at a time on the treadmill and simply getting fatter, I decided to invest on a personal trainer. That is when I contacted First Ascent Fitness and I met Trevor. Trevor set up an assessment session that made me realize how out of shape I was (skinny fat with 0 muscle) and we decided to get to work.
Trevor came to the gym in my building 3 times a week for a period of 4 months and the only reason I stopped was because I moved out of NYC.
The workouts were very up to date with whats happening in fitness. A mix of free weights, cardio, pylo and everything else. They were very intense. I would never work out that hard on my own and I felt so accomplished after every single session. It was the best hour of my day.
4 months later I had muscle! definition in my back, chest, legs and almost no fat around my mid section. I was also able to do pulls ups!!!!
Trevor was always very professional, friendly and very flexible with my crazy schedule.
Having Trevor for 4 months was one of the best gifts I have done to myself.


I started training with Trevor a couple months back to get in shape for a big mountaineering trip I have coming up. After an assessment, he tailored sessions specifically for the type of grueling physical hurdles I'd be encountering at high altitudes. It's intense! I can already feel the difference. I feel stronger every week and can climb/run/work for longer than when I was training alone (3x a week, lifting+cardio+climbing). The only thing I'm bummed about is that I didn't sign up sooner.




I started training to improve my climbing, but I got a hell of a lot more since I started. Trevor did the initial assessment, and hooked me up with Edwin. When I first started, my strength was asymmetric due to multiple past injuries, and years of overcompensating. I came in with no free-weight experience, and was unable to do a single chin up.

Three short, but intense, months later, my strength has mostly normalized, I can pump out a few sets of unassisted chin ups, and I know some compound movements. I can actually say I enjoy lifting now. I've been getting compliments from friends and family, and significantly more attention from women than I'm used to.

Put in the time and work hard, you'll thank yourself later.